EW2015_landingpage_650x300Smart CityA�SolutionA�

IEI gives you the smart city concept that how IEIa��s products link to each other and how they can be applied in many different environments. A�More

Smart-Transportation-solution+iRIS_650x300Smart Transportation Solution With iRIS

For decades, IEI dedicates to industrial automation. Now IEI expands the focus to transportation applications, including railway, vehicle, and marine intelligent solutions. A�More

ICC-Media-newsletter-banner_650x300Smart Factory SolutionA�With iRIS

IEI’s smart factory solution improve production efficiency and warehouse management accuracy. To catch the wave of automatic assembly, robot system will be a major role along with machine vision and motion control solutions. A�More

MWC_landingpage_Banner_v2Smart Logistics Solution and Smart Home Solution

IEI home automation solution allows your home electronics to communicate with each other, and with you, via IEIa��s IQGATE-100 smart gateway, sensors and cloud NAS. A�More

SmartFitness_650x300Smart Fitness Solution

IEI Smart Fitness Solution provides customized fitness equipments, user interfaces, front desk and back-end office management, and digital signage. The purpose of smart fitness solution is to create a better workout environment and to provide a high quality workout experience to customers. A�More

Factory_banner_landing_pageFactory Automation

IEI is expert in integrating with variety of devices. On the factory automation, from IQC to production and shipment, IEI can provide a complete total solution, including barcode scanners, tablets, panel PCs, embedded boxes and single boards that can help the users in different working environments. A�More

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